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Plus Training System


Let us go into more detail, and explain what a combination consists of.

Within a CROSS PATTERN, the athlete is involved in the following phases:

  • The start
  • Change of direction surrounding the central unit
  • a change of direction of 180° in proximity to the peripheral units in a way that varies according to the various combinations offered.
  • Change of direction lateral to the second sagittal unit, always using the external foot to do so.
  • Arrival

Thus every athlete, within a specific combination/sequence follows:

  • Four changes of direction surrounding the central unit
  • Two changes of meaning, in variable modes, depending on the type of combination
  • One change of meaning using the external foot laterally to the second sagittal unit

Other variable elements can be added to these basic combinations provided by Plus Training System:

  • The trajectory intersection with respect to that segment which connects the central unit to one of the peripheral units.
  • Switching on visual or acoustic signals.

All these variables allow us to satisfy one of the key points of the Plus Training System: Each combination as well as its meaning, is unique!

Plus Training System



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