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Plus Training System


The technology that is offered by Plus Training System allows us to provide the user with a continuous flow of data, of which its interpretation, will be the basis of future training proposals.

Functional Units

PTS has 4 functional units which make up the physical basis of the PTS method.

These units allow the continuous and accurate detection of the athlete’s movement parameters. Through the software, light signals can also be managed which are useful in the training exercises.

  • Pulsed light laser sensors;
  • Wireless system;
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries;
  • Integrated server for data collection.
App PTS®

Through the App, the following settings can be managed:

  • Functional units, starting with automatic positioning in the field
  • The setting up of targeted workouts for individual athletes or groups of athletes.
  • The monitoring of each stage of development
  • The statistics section, where the collected data can be used for the evaluation of performance on the field of play.

The PTS App is a mobile phone application optimized for tablet and desktop interfaces.

The statistics section is also available in the mobile phone version.


The constant evaluation of all the parameters recorded during the training session allows us to have access to tangible data and to scientifically quantify parameters, which up until now were only assumed.

PTS allows the analysis of, for example:

  • The athlete’s entry speed prior to the execution of a change of direction
  • The time takes to make the change of direction
  • How much the entrance speed is influenced by the fact that the athlete knows that during the exercise, he must recognise or give meaning to an incoming visual or acoustic stimulus.
  • How is speed altered when we execute a change of direction in response to a previously communicated instruction or following a specific stimulus.
  • The influence of fatigue on all these factors.

Information, courses, curiosity.

If you would like to get the know the revolutionary training method offered by PTS, the staff would be more than happy to provide all the necessary information and answer any theoretical or technical questions you may have.

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